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Hanna - Owner

Hair and Makeup Expert

Hanna has been a makeup expert in high demand since 2002. She was trained at Aveda in Toronto as a certified makeup expert and quickly became known in the industry for her talent in creating a flawless, glowing, natural finish for her clients. She was asked by Collega, the Canadian distributor for Aveda, to travel and train other makeup artists in Ontario at the different Aveda stores, spas and salons in her signature techniques. She has also been much sought after for film, photoshoots, theatre and fashion shows, having a large repertoire under her belt in each area, however, working with brides has always remained her passion.


She added hair artistry to her makeup skills in 2009 after completing the hair course at Sheridan College in order to to give her clients the full package, making it easier for them to be able to get the complete look they desire from one source.  Her talent at hair had her graduate top of her class, and quickly become highly desired by Toronto photographers and brides for her innovative, glamourous and beautiful styles.

Hanna launched Selah Vie in 2013 after moving to London, with it quickly becoming one of the most sought after hair and makeup teams in South-Western London, being preferred vendors at some of the most popular venues in the area. Hanna has trained some of the top artists in the area in her techniques and skills, and loves to see her artists grow in their own capacity and talent levels. 


Hair Expert

Sindy has been doing hair for about 15 years, ranging from prom styling, to weddings, to fashion shows, Sindy has also been leading teams in hair and makeup for theatre arts and musicals.  She has excelled at intricate braiding, honing her artistic skill since her early childhood on her younger sister. As an artist, Sindy’s deepest desire is to draw a person’s inner beauty outward for the world to see.  She believes that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and exceptional, and considers it a pleasure to join you in those moments.


Makeup Expert

Michelle graduated from College of Makeup Art & Design in 2008. Her skills include Bridal/Beauty, Film/SPFX, Theatre and Prosthetics as well as Hair Styling and Wig Knotting. Michelle has worked on several films, including two with Matchbox Pictures. She has also worked with several designers and photographers including Fadil Berisha and Caitlin Cronenberg. Michelle has also had the privileged of working for Miss Universe Canada in 2008. Michelle’s passion is to enhance every woman’s true beauty, no matter what the era. From pin curls of the 1940’s to today’s modern woman, Michelle finds new and creative ways to bring out the best in the art of hair and makeup!  

Rachel M.

Makeup Expert

Hi! My name is Rachel, and I have a pretty major addiction to highlight. For me, makeup started as an escape; as self-care, if you will. When I have a brush in my hand, the world gets quiet and life’s problems don’t seem quite as jarring. Not only do I have a beautiful hobby, but I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do this as a career! I wouldn’t have it any other way! ⁠

Rachel S.

Hair Expert

Rachel has a strong passion to create beautiful art for her clients as she styles their hair and makeup to perfection. She is the longest standing team member at Selah Vie, next to Hanna, the owner.  She received personal mentoring from Hanna in both hair and makeup, to take her talent to the next level.  Rachel is highly skilled, and very caring, and gives her clients an incredible experience with her sweet personality, and high talent level.  


Hair Expert

Faith has been a hairstylist for over 6 years . She gained her hairdressing certificate as the top of her class with an Overall Achievement Award in 2012 at John Cash Blanca’s Institute in Vancouver, BC then got her licence when she moved to London. She also graduated of Bachelor of Science in Hotel And Restaurant Management in the Philippines where her world opened up to a lot of beautiful opportunities. Her degree got her into a job as a crew member from an Asian cruise line and later on a private yacht. Since then she has been exposed to much cultural diversity and visited several beautiful countries where she got inspired by different types of beauty, ethnicities and cultures. Since then, she has been interested in beauty and fashion.  As a hairdresser, it became her passion to share her talent and skills to make every woman look and feel her absolute best!


Makeup Expert

Bio coming soon

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