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How far in advance should I book my Hair & Makeup for my wedding?

Due to Selah Vie's popularity, generally it is advisable to book a year in advance, especially if you're getting married in the summer on a Saturday with peak wedding season being April to October.  Winter brides have a bit more flexibility in their timing, however, winter weddings are also becoming popular so it is advisable to book as soon as possible.  Sometimes last minute bookings can be accommodated depending on the group size and scheduling.  Please contact Selah Vie for availability

Do I have to get a trial?

A trial is highly recommended but it really is up to you, the client.  If a bride decides to forgo a trial she has to understand that everything might not be exactly as she invisioned on the wedding. The trial is highly advised in order to make sure you and your artist are on the same page for getting you the look that you are desiring for your big day.

A trial is a chance to try out your potential wedding look and see how it holds up for the day or if there are any adjustments in style or colours that need to be made.  It is important not only for you, the bride, but also for the artist as well because it gives them a chance to see your facial features in person and assess and evaluate what is best. Wedding days can be very stressful but having your hair and makeup look already decided on can take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of the wedding day, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time with your friends and family.

Also, it's a chance for both you and the artist to get to know one another and make sure your styles, ideas and personalities mesh well.  The makeup and hair artist is probably the first vendor you're going to interact with on your wedding day.  You want to make sure you hire someone that you like, isn't going to stress you out and you feel confident in.  

Where will my trial take place?

Most trials, unless previously arranged, take place at the Selah Vie studio, which is at 981 Thistledown Way in London, Ontario, conveniently located near Sarnia and Wonderland, and with the 9A and 9B bus nearby. All wedding day bookings are done on location - whether it be a hotel, home or some other pre-arranged location.  


Why does the trial cost so much?

In a lot of ways the trial is more work for the artist than the actual wedding day.  This is a time where you experiment with different makeup looks and hair styles.  Makeup & Hair trials are booked in 3 hr blocks and Just Makeup or Just Hair trials are booked in 2 hr blocks.  

Can I book a trial on a Saturday?

Unfortunately, Saturday trials cannot be accommodated during wedding season as this is the most busy day of the week for wedding bookings and our team is out taking care of other brides.  Occasionally we may have availability during the off season (November - March) on Saturdays, but Saturday reservations should be booked far in advance.

How far in advance should I book my trial?

This really depends if you feel comfortable signing a wedding day contract, including a deposit, before or after the trial. A wedding booking is not secure until a signed contract and deposit have been received.  If you want to do a trial before you make a final wedding day booking, then it is best to schedule a trial as soon as possible to make sure that your wedding date doesn't get booked. If you want to put the wedding day deposit down first, but wait for a later date for the trial, it is recommended that the trial be scheduled between 1 and 3 months before the wedding.

Are trials necessary for bridesmaids or mothers as well?

It isn’t necessary but yes, Selah Vie has serviced many mothers and bridesmaids that wish to visually see for themselves how they will look on the special event. Mothers especially wish to look great in front of all their family and friends they haven’t seen for a long time too.


Is there a minimum number of people required to secure a booking?

During wedding season - April - Oct, yes there is a 5 person, 5 services minimum per service type required for Saturday bookings. However, depending on scheduling, exceptions can be made. Other days of the week are also subject to availability.  Just ask.  


Are there any travel fees?

There are no travel fees for locations within London. Travel is calculated at a rate of $1.00 per km of travel for areas outside of London. All fees such as parking and vallet service will need to be paid by client.

Do you do Sunday Weddings? Early Mornings?

Yes, we book Sunday weddings and there are no additional fees for start times from 7am on.  Prior to 7am, there will be a surcharge of $50 per half hour.


I just want a really natural makeup look, does that cost less?

No, it is the same price for a "natural" makeup look as it is for something more "dramatic".  In actuality most people are surprised how much makeup goes into that "natural" look.  In fact, it's actually harder to make someone still stand out and eye catching in pictures but also retain a natural makeup look.  A sign of a talented makeup artist is how well they can apply a "natural" makeup look.  Also it's important to remember you are not just paying for the product the artist is using but also their time, skill and experience.


What forms of payment are accepted?

For the deposit and/or trial fees, cash, credit or Interac e-transfer are the preferred methods.  We must have a credit card on file in order to book the wedding in the case of last minute changes to services on the wedding day.


How much is the deposit fee?

The deposit fee is between $50.00 - $200.00 depending on the size of the overall contract.  The second installment as outlined on the quote will be due at the trial, with the remaining amount due one week before the wedding.  Any changes to services or schedule will be added to your credit card the day after your wedding. 


Am I supposed to tip on the wedding day?

Our pricing does not include gratuity.  It is not necessary but it is appreciated.


How should my bridal party and I prepare for the wedding day?

It is important to always be ready to sit down for one's services at their scheduled time.  For makeup, that means having a clean, exfoliated and moisturized face.  For hair, please have it product free (the only exception is any de-frizz products for curly hair as long as they don't make the hair crunchy) and dry (unless you are getting a blowout in which case having it damp is okay).  If your hair is on the fine side and it tends to get greasy easily, please have it washed and dried the night before the wedding.  If your hair is coarser or drier, washing it the day before is fine.  


Is there anything you need for set up at the house/hotel the day of the wedding?

Somewhere near natural light is always best (kitchens or dining rooms are often good).  The room also has to have outlets and/or an extension cord to plug styling appliances into if doing hair.  A table and chairs are also required for set up.  For makeup, a higher style chair or bar stool is nice if available but not absolutely necessary.  For hair, a regular chair is fine, preferably one with a lower back.  We also need to have a large mirror to do hair in front of.  


How long does each person take to get ready?

This depends on the person and style selections but a good rule of thumb is 1.5 hours for both Hair & Makeup.  45 - 60 minutes for Makeup and 45-60 minutes for Hair.  Of course, there are exceptions to this with some people taking less time and some people taking more.

Can you handle large bookings or groups? Do you bring additional help?

Usually anything beyond 7 services - Hair and/or Makeup, additional associates will be provided.  There are no extra fees for these associates and they will be procurred at the discretion of our administration. If a bride requires all services to be completed in a condensed time frame or would prefer to start later in the morning, additional associate(s) may be required to meet the clients' accelerated scheduling needs, and may require an additional artist fee. 


What is Airbrush Makeup?  Is it better?

Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods.  It is very popular in High Definition Film/TV work because it doesn't settle into fine lines or pores like traditional liquid or powder foundation can.  In recent years it has also been gaining popularity among brides who desire the look of a flawless face without the feeling of wearing heavy foundation or makeup.  Airbrush makeup has a long lasting finish, is water resistant and can last from 12-24 hours making it an ideal choice for brides on their wedding day.  However, in our experience, it is best suited for those who do not have deep wrinkles, large pores or heavy scarring as the coverage tends to be on the lighter side.


Like anything in makeup at the end of the day airbrush makeup is just another technique and depending on who is applying it it can be good or it can be bad.  For some it may be the perfect choice on their wedding day, while others may not feel it necessary. No matter what the choice - Airbrush, creme, liquid or powder foundation application, Selah Vie promises a base that will be even, glowing and look great for the entire day and evening!


Do you have experience with ethnic weddings?

Yes, at Selah Vie, we have worked with all ethnicity's and are very experienced with East Asian and East Indian weddings.  We are able to work with you and design custom packages specifically for those brides who have more than one ceremony where our services are required. 

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